Original Artwork

Mixed Media

130 mm x 200 mm

‘While I still hung over her in the agony of despair, I happened to look up. The windows of the room had before been darkened, and I felt a kind of panic on seeing the pale-yellow light of the moon illuminate the chamber. The shutters had been thrown back, and with a sensation of horror not to be described, I saw at the open window a figure the most hideous and abhorred.’

MARY SHELLY. FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus. p.125.


Vulpa has created a sequence of illustrations inspired by the literary classic Frankenstein. Each week she will be sharing one of her works, a total of six in all.

The fourth scene depicts the murder of Frankenstein’s new bride, at the hands of the monster. This is the creature’s revenge for all the injustices he has endured and Frankenstein's failure to keep his promise, to create a ghoulish companion for the monster.

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