Original Artwork

Mixed Media

130 mm x 200 mm

‘‘She continued her course along the precipitous sides of the river, when suddenly her foot slipped, and she fell into the rapid stream. I rushed from my hiding-place; and, with extreme labour from the force of the current, saved her, and dragged her to shore. She was senseless; and I endeavoured, by every means in my power, to restore animation, when I was suddenly interrupted by the approach of a rustic,’

MARY SHELLY. FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus. p.88.


Vulpa has created a sequence of illustrations inspired by the literary classic Frankenstein. Each week she will be sharing one of her works, a total of six in all.

The third scene covers pathos. The monster has been spurned by the civilised world, yet still he risks his life to save a young girl from drowning. His reward? A rifle bullet, from a man who only sees a monster.

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