Original Artwork

Digital Media

297 mm x 420 mm

"Of Aphrodite, born in Kypros, I will sing. She gives kindly gifts to men: smiles are ever on her lovely face, and lovely is the brightness that plays over it. Hail, goddess, queen of well-built Salamis and sea-girt Kypros; grant me a cheerful song. And now I will remember you and another song also."

Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite


Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, stirring the hearts of both gods and men. She personified youth and peerless beauty with legendary generative powers governing life and all living beings. Filled with inherent graceful poise and seductive charm Aphrodite could pacify and sooth the harshest heart, even the god of war Ares. Likewise, she could inspire ardour and incites unreasoned passion, igniting wars and conflict.

Zeus ruler of the gods commanded Aphrodite to wed mild mannered Hephaestus god of the forge and subterranean fire. This union inspired this depiction of Aphrodite, which is explained below:

Youthfulness - Aphrodite is portrayed as a youthful and fresh faced girl, her beauty natural and not contrived. She need do nothing but simply exist to be exquisitely beautiful.

Amber Forge Light – This symbolises her marriage to Hephaestus with the light of his forge dancing over her milky skin, with warming hues and glimmers.

Lifted Hair – This highlights her natural grace and poise. She sensually raises her honeyed hair from her swanlike neck in the heat of Hephaestus’s forge.

The girdle around her breasts – Hephaestus fashioned his wife a famed girdle that granted the wearer irresistible power to charm others. The edges are kissed with gold.

Her simple robe - Her white robe is simple and yet artlessly seductive, gossamer light she needs no adornment to hold our gaze.

The blue in Aphrodite’s girdle and hair band – The colour Blue is symbolic of the water, the sea and foam that legend said birthed Aphrodite. Water is also symbolic of emotion and the ebb and flow of passions.

Pearl necklace – Pearls are like Aphrodite born of the sea and a potent symbol of love. She was adorned with them and they were one of her jewels.

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