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Camellia Design

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Original Artwork

Pen & Ink on Toned Board
Platinum Gilding

420 mm x 594 mm



This Allegory explores a strong and independent force of nature. Set alight under the focus of a full moon, the winter wolf is highlighted proud and resilient. Standing Strong in bone and thick with fur she is equipped to take on the world and watches patiently evaluating all with a sharp mind and quick spirit.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 12th December
Birth sign – Sagittarius
Element – Fire
Planet - Jupiter
Quality - Mutable
Celtic Tree - Aspen Tree - 11 December – 20 December
Moon Sign - Cancer

The Wolf Spirit

The wolf spirit is possessed of keen and penetrating perception, navigating the world with astute inquisitiveness. The wolf thrives in nature and the outdoors and is deeply attuned to the natural world, a free spirit that revels in its exploration and discovery. Nature holds so many bounties and a wolf appreciates and acknowledges every one of these gifts. To be happy she needs to feel free and unrestrained, the caged wolf withers, whereas the uninhibited wolf grows strong in strength and in confidence.

Balance and harmony in the home and environment are essential to a wolf’s wellbeing, and the most important focus in any wolf’s life is the family. This is the prime motivation behind the choices and decisions made in life. A wolf’s devotion is humbling, and there is little that will not be endured or sacrificed for loved ones. Dedication and selflessness are at the core of a wolf spirit. Fiercely loyal, she will defend and protect her own with a shocking ferociousness that will astonish those who are unfamiliar with her wolf nature. Her usual well considered and measured reactions can shift abruptly, it does not pay to forget a wolf has fangs for a reason.


Sagittarius is represented and symbolised by the winter environment and plants within the painting, supporting and enriching the scene and setting. Its constellation is also present to the left of the moon, twinkling between the fluttering moths.

Sagittarius the archer is lively, passionate, smart and philosophical, endowed with an independent nature. This sign thrives on accomplishment and achieving their goals in both personal and professional life is paramount to this fiery sign’s equilibrium. Sagittarius burns with determination, and is driven by the demand to succeed, taking confident decisions quickly and decisively when required.

Sagittarius is also reflective and thoughtful, possessed of a keen intelligence. Theoretical, moral and metaphysical questions are a natural draw to this sign’s inquisitive rationale, with an astute mind following lines of thought and enquiry with passion and purpose to its conclusion. Thus, a Sagittarian is armoured with the knowledge and skills to confront a world, which is filled with a myriad of challenges and difficulties that must be contested and overcome. When set upon a chosen path there is little this sign cannot surmount and ultimately conquer.

Sentiments run deep in Sagittarius, this fire sign is brimming with the desire to love and be loved in return. Demonstrative in their affection, love is freely expressed among family and friends. Social by nature these bonds are essential to fulfil the archer’s emotional needs. Love, passion and affection are a key component to Sagittarian happiness. It is impossible to deny the flames that burn within the heart of this star sign.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, and ruling is what he does best. Jupiter’s indominable force of character and resolve will never bend or be swayed by the machinations of others. This deity’s dominion offers authority, protection and prosperity through judicial and prudent decisions, under his governance, good luck, wealth and optimism freely flow.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon, and both of these cosmic entities are coupled to the immense tides of the world. In fact, their influences are so enormous, they can at times overpower the forces of Sagittarius and the great Jupiter.

The emotional ebbs and flows that result from these ever-changing celestials can exhaust and overwhelm. Nonetheless, they also offer a unique insight into the world through unmatched intuition and empathy, with an almost preternatural otherworldly understanding of the unseen. Listening to these heightened instincts is essential, they are seldom wrong and will save much heartache if heeded.

With this much feeling love is as essential to life as breathing. Cancer’s devotion and loyalty is intrinsic to their moon dreaming soul, they love like no other, and yearn to create a warm and welcoming home full of family and happiness.

Aspen Tree

The shelter of the aspen tree offers a safe place where the mind and spirit can expand and grow. The tree is famed for its whispering and dancing, imparting many secrets with joyful wind song and shimmering light.

Those born under the aspen will have a deep-rooted respect and connection with nature. They are flexible and like the tree are able to cope with difficult situations, displaying diverse abilities and employing unique solutions. This is a tree full of bright ideas.

Aspen is a shield, and protection is the noblest of aspens aspects. The core is strong and will not break whilst resisting life’s inevitable blows. Aspen people will defend selflessly, and resolutely sacrifice their own happiness to their beliefs and for those they love.


This ancient and compelling power is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius and fire.

Mistletoe’s supernatural command grants it access to the netherworld, reinforcing psychic and spiritual potential. It is an effective ward against all dark magic that would do harm, and parts the way on difficult journeys.

This timeless plant has a long history of promoting good health in both mind and body, and is famed for its vigorous nature which bestows love and fertility on the home where it resides.


Yew is the evergreen guardian of winter and the gateway to the spirit world.

The yew offers prophetic dreams, insights and awareness of the spirit world. It provides a potent defence against negative energies, from the fey and otherworldly influence. Nothing negative can cross yew’s boundary.

Yew also promotes long life and prosperity, providing a regenerative and revitalising restorative to those burdened with a heavy heart. Allowing the spirit to move forward with endowed vigour for life and the joys of living.


Ivy is an immortal symbol of everlasting devotion, fidelity and loyalty.

This plant is feminine, and symbolises a woman’s unbreakable commitment her family. The love that ivy encourages and binds will overcome the harshest of tribulations and still flourish. Once rooted, these ivy bonds can never be broken.


This winter evergreen sweetens and purifies the cold air, removing all trace of negativity from its environment. Rosemary guards against the evil eye and ill intent.

It is also a soothing balm for the spirit. Rosemary stimulates contemplation, remembrance and dreaming, while protecting those sleeping under its influence from unwanted nigh time disturbances.


With their bowing heads, pansies symbolise thoughtfulness and consideration. Long associated with friendship and loving companionship, pansies reflect compassion and empathy. They promote the appreciation of all things close to the heart and inspire the reciprocation of tender feelings.


The lush greenery and red berries of holly are an icon of winter’s majesty, with an eternal and undiminishing beauty. It is an emblem of hope and everlasting life, a reminder of the green waiting to return in the spring, even in the darkest of winter nights.

Holly is also a noble guardian, it protects against lightning, poison, and evil spirits throughout the seasons, and will encourage luck and prosperity to enter the home.


Moths are symbols of metamorphosis. Under the moons watchful gaze, the moth matures and emerges anew, consequently the moth overflows with transformative and regenerative energy.
Magical and psychic abilities are reinforced with the moth’s presence. Through its perilous journeys the moth visits many shadowed places, and imparts hidden knowledge and inner wisdom gleaned from its many travels.
The moth is an unparalleled guide for the inner development and transformation of the spirit and soul.


Often unnoticed, the unassuming shrew is a small sensitive guide. Through its thrifty endeavours, the shrew will uncover unique solutions to difficulties and can root out answers to seemingly impossible questions.
The shrew is also bold and brave and will venture to places that others will not. Nothing goes unnoticed and the shrew offers success where others would fail.


The moon is a celestial Goddess and presides over all. Her penetrating illumination pierces the dark to provide a clear path. Her heightened emotions offer thoughtfulness and potent creativity under her auspice.
The full moon is an opportunity to contemplate the fullness of life, and appreciate the many blessings and experiences that have converged to complete you.

All these symbols, representations and images are brought together to form a symbolic portrait and a talisman for a charmed and happy future.

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