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Original Artwork

Pen & Ink, Gouache on Toned Board

350 mm x 535 mm


The ‘Allegory’ focuses on the splendour and potency a wolf. It is central to the illustration and is representative of the spirit residing within a person. With savage vigour the untamed canine is depicted tearing at his fetters, symbolised literally and metaphorically by the bindweed which attempts to shackle him to the earth constraining his freedom and ability to run free. These vines represent the negative influences and experiences in life which can weaken and confine a person’s spirit. However, an indomitable will cannot be restrained and the wolf emerges victorious. Thus, with mind and body released he leaps unhindered in to a moonlit night full of dreams towards his heart’s desire. The soul pure and unfettered is finally free to pursue a future full of optimism and endless possibilities.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 17th November

Birth sign – Scorpio

Element – Water

Quality – Fixed

Nature – Negative

Ruling planet – Mars

Celtic Birth Tree – Chestnut


Scorpio is represented in the painting by its sigil , a small scorpion and its highlighted star constellation.

Scorpios are known for the intensity of their personality and their determination. There are no half measures with this sign and they meet life head on their own terms. No one can manipulate or control them and ultimately they are the masters of their own destiny. With passionate conviction they throw themselves into their pursuits and stubborn to the end they will continue implacably until they achieve their aims. This unyielding focus comes from the Fixed Quality of the sign.

Scorpio has a Negative Nature. They are often introverted which gives them strength when alone and removed from the outside world, recuperating and build their energy reserves before having to expend their vitality in the company of others.

Scorpio is also a Water sign. This element is tied to emotion which is often overlooked by many who, lulled into a false sense of security by the still surface, fail to spot the maelstrom of emotion running deep into the soul of this sign. There is nothing shallow or superficial about Scorpios who live in a world of intense feeling. They pick up on emotion with an innate intuition which can leave others uncomfortable, easily reading people as they probe to reveal hidden truths. With a quick wit and sharp intelligence scorpions are able to manipulate others effortlessly and make formidable adversaries, quick to respond and strike at perceived threats. In contrast, they are also compassionate friends and impassioned lovers with boundless energy, clinging to an idealised romanticism that seams at odds with their volatile personality.

Any association with these intense individuals should not to be taken lightly, a scorpion’s sting is deadly and a scorpion is always true to his nature.


Mars is represented in the picture by his sigil .

Mars is the god of war. Passion, energy and sexuality course through the veins of those born under his auspice. Fearless and impulsive a warrior’s heart will not shrink from confrontation or challenge. With a seemingly limitless reserve of energy, stamina and determination he will know victory.

The Wolf Spirit

The Wolf is assigned to the Zodiac sign Scorpio and is ruled by Mars.

The wolf spirit is quick witted, agile and not easily fooled. With a penetrating gaze little escapes his watchful vigilance. Anyone, reckless enough to attempt deceit will quickly find themselves challenged by this astute guardian and to make an enemy of this canine will invite trouble few would wish for. When roused he is quick to react and with a relentlessness unique to a wolf nothing can evade his ability to pursue and run down his target. However, while his fearsome reputation is certainly deserved especially if challenged or cornered it is only a veneer and simply one facet of a complex personality. There are many less obvious qualities residing beneath the steely and implacable composure. Under the fur and fangs resides an attentive and inquisitive soul attuned to his surroundings. He sees more than most according him perspicacity and insight that few can match. He has much to teach those around him regarding empathy. He quickly picks up on the subtle changes in the mood and disposition of others. It is instinctive as he is a social creature forming intense bonds with his family and those select friends he considers an extension of his family. The wolf’s devotion and loyalty is absolute and once given will remain throughout life. However, he is also cautious by nature, overly so at times, and although social he does not connect easily with others which can result in a lone wolf. Isolation is always a risk for a person with a wolf in residence.

The Moon

The moon is the ruler of all animal spirits and the mistress of the wolf. She is the mother of the soul. Tides ebb and flow under her astral influence as do our emotions. Sublimely radiant, she holds a silent vigil throughout the star filled night and is privy to our deepest imaginings both good and bad. She witnesses our innermost desires and our greatest fears. The stars rule the future but she rules the heart, the primal emotions of joy and ecstasy, hate and fear, are her purview as are our dreams and wishes. Under her auspice we ache, suffer and love in the pursuit of our dreams.

Chestnut Tree

Those born under the shelter of the chestnut are unassuming and prone to overlook their own merits keeping them hidden from view. However, with perseverance their interest can be sparked and a vivacious side of their character emerges. They are sensitive to the company around them and perceptive. They do not suffer fools gladly and are easily irritated by the actions of others, especially selfish ones which offend their inherent sense of justice. They often feel misunderstood, though this is typically owing to a lack dialog which can be easily remedied, nonetheless relations can prove problematic. This difficulty with others means they rarely love but when they do it is heartfelt.

Apple Tree

The apple tree is sacred to Venus the goddess of love and is governed by the element Water. In the painting the wolf leaps towards the apple laden tree representing the fruition of the spirit’s hopes and desires.

The apple inspires trust and friendship, its fruit granting not only the heart’s desire but also a spiritual insight into others. To love and be loved is its gift. In addition it imparts long life and health traditionally feeding the gods.

Dog Rose

The Rose is ruled by Venus and governed by the element of Water. A traditional symbol of love this plant invokes harmony and peace. It also facilitates the fulfilment of romantic aspirations and dreams.


Ruled by Mars the Hawthorne is a primal symbol of fertility associated with spring and the May. Love, happiness and harmony accompany the flowering plant. In addition, with the rising vigour and power of spring it cleanses away the old and guards the new.


Ruled by Mars and Saturn the Blackthorn is the sister of Hawthorn and in tandem they are a heady symbol of fertility imbuing joy and happiness. Blooming early before any leaf shoots the Blackthorn’s exposed blossoms charge the air with an invigorating erotic perfume. It has the ability to calm emotions, cleanse negativity and remove barriers both emotional and physical.


This plant is ruled by the element of Water and the Moon. The Lily is a powerful symbol of purity and virtue. In the painting the wolf emerges from his battle through the lilies symbolising the incorruptibility of his unfettered soul. A plant of nobility and integrity it guards against the ill intent and influence of others.

Flag Iris

Ruled by the planet Venus and governed by the element of Water, the Iris purifies the body and the triple points of its petals impart faith, wisdom and valour.

Cat Tail / Bull Rush

Cat tail is a masculine plant and ruled by Mars. With its phallic appearance this plant embodies lust and desire offering the gift of sexual ecstasy. Male potency is increased and female desire.

Sweet Rush

Sweet rush is ruled by the Moon and governed by the element Water. It is a restorative plant that imparts good fortune, luck and that protects against deprivation.


Comfrey is governed by the element of Water. It protects those who travel and prevents the loss of objects precious to the traveller especially those of a pecuniary value.


With its prickly nature the thistle is assigned to Scorpio and ruled by Mars. This plant imparts strength and protection against enemies and will fend off the offensive intent and actions of others. It also lends an added attribute to men with increased virility


The bee is assigned to the Scorpio star sign. It is a symbol of wealth and plenty. The bee safeguards not only financial security but also the wealth and harmony of the home. Accord and selflessness are traits of the bee and unwavering loyalty. Through this unassuming guardian a happy prosperous future is assured where ever the future takes you.