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Original Artwork

Pastels on Pastelmat Paper

420 mm x 594 mm


The ‘White Wolf Allegory’ focuses on the steadfast nature of the mother wolf, a silent sentinel ever alert and watchful over her domain. Basking in their mother’s love her two cubs emerge from their den, sharing sibling affection as they venture into a new world full of charmed wonders, secure under their mother’s vigilant scrutiny.

The white wolf is exquisite in her loveliness, she is intelligent and agile, but be warned she is without exception fierce and deadly when called upon to protect her own.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 22nd May

Birth sign – Gemini

Element – Air

Quality – Mutable

Ruling planet – Mercury

Celtic Birth Tree – Hawthorn


Gemini is represented by the zodiac symbol ♊. Those born under Gemini are bright and curious by nature with an open and adaptable disposition. Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable and they are quick to learn from a myriad of sources making them enthusiastic communicators who love to share and exchange information with others. They also possess an inherent ability to see and understand both sides of an equation which is often mistaken for indecision, but in reality, this results in well measured and sound decisions made over time. With new information a Gemini is never afraid to re-evaluate their position and alter it if necessary. This insightful flexibility stems from the mutable quality of the sign.

Gemini is a twin and in life this requires mental and emotional equality from those they love as their heart seeks a soulmate. There is an irrefutable strength gained through the understanding and accord between two people, and when that connection is made whether in friendship or love Gemini devotion is assured.

Gemini is also an Air sign with its symbol next to the butterfly, and as such exists in a liberated world of thoughts and ideas, anything that attempts to stifle or confine this free spirit is an anathema. Unfettered, Gemini is incredibly expressive and creative, literature, music and the arts are a natural draw. The mind followed by the body are constantly moving and evolving as Gemini explores a world full of exciting possibilities, to experiences and share with others.


Mercury is represented by the planetary symbol ☿️ He is the messenger of the gods and imparting information is his domain. Nimble of wits, this celestial bestows knowledge and understanding to those under his influence, enabling them to make shrewd informed choices. The sources are both conscious and unconscious, intuitively understanding the intent of people’s convoluted words and actions through heightened sensory attunement.

The Wolf Spirit

The white wolf is a pure incorruptible spirit of nature. Deeply connected to the wilds of the world she lives in balance and harmony both spiritually and physically. A wolf cannot be caged and within the heart of every wolf resides the need for autonomy and freedom. With heightened perceptiveness and an innate sixth sense she navigates the worlds obstacles with grace and elegant efficiency. Not prone to recklessness, her keen intelligence and astute nature makes her a cunning and formidable opponent when provoked.

Yet it is the wolfs devotion to family and pack that is truly humbling. These bonds are unwavering, with a peerless selflessness towards children. A wolf nurtures, teaches and ferociously protects those under her care. Strong willed and independent, she will lead by example guided by a resilient moral compass. Deeply social, she encourages and supports those weaker than herself and as is the way of the wolf communicates with her own unique lyrical voice.


Those born under the Hawthorn possess an unaffected charm that generates an aura of warmth and good will. With a bright disposition that is matched by an equally bright and inquisitive mind, the hawthorn produces dependable friends and councillors. Though the message may at times be thorny, it is always offered with good intent.

Traditionally hawthorn cleanses the spirit and offers forgiveness though understanding. It sweeps away the old and guards the new. It is a tree of The May and its delicate blossom herald the power of spring, bringing fresh love and happiness with its flowering. The power of the Fae realm resides strongly with this tree during May offering a magical, blissful spring charm.

Chestnut Tree

This nut bearing tree fall under the auspice of Gemini. The chestnut tree extends the gift of abundance and longevity, restoring and reinvigorating the weary. It offers respite and shelter to travellers and its branches rise tall as a beacon to those in need.

Justice and honesty are closely linked with this tree. Those who reside under its influence maintain an inborn sense of fairness. They always strive to do what is right, even at great cost to themselves if the situation is warrants it. They are unwavering in their loyalty and generosity; the chestnut tree will not bend or break.


Lavender is a flower belonging to Gemini. Its heavy scent is associated with purity and tranquillity that induces calmness in its vicinity. It cleanses the way and brings quiet serenity to a home, warding against negative external influences.

Lilly of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a flower of May. Well-known for its sweet scent that brings love and luck with it’s spring blooming. It offers the gift of virtue and a sweetness of nature, love is freely given and returned, and happiness abounds with the presence of this heady flower.


Ivy is the evergreen plant of eternal bonds and fidelity. It symbolises the unbreakable devotion of family which can overcome the harshest of tribulations and still flourish. These immortal blood ties are ever-present and can always be relied upon for strength and support.


Toadstools are a potent symbol of nature’s protection. They reside in both the human and Fae realm. Their magical ward protects against deception and the unseen, ill intent is exposed and malice thwarted. They also bestow the gift of second sight, accompanied by an uncanny ability to see the true essence of others.


Pale blue is the colour of air and naturally the enchanting butterfly belongs to this element. Representing nature’s cycle this small unassuming creature reflects the transformations people experience throughout life’s progression. The true beauty of a person resides within, and the delicate butterfly is a companion and guide to the fragile human soul, leading it on a morphing journey to become truly bright and beautiful like the butterfly.


The bee brings prosperity, wealth and harmony to a home. Selfless devotion to family is the hallmark of this bright and generous creature. Bountiful luck and sweet happiness follow her path, assuring a happy future for all.