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Original Artwork

Pen & Ink, coloured pencil on Toned Board

420 mm x 594 mm


‘Tiger Bright’ focuses on an emerging tiger, with a mesmerising gaze. He enters our world with inborn strength and grace, his progress heralded by the blaze of a golden sun.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 5th May
Birth sign – Taurus
Element – Earth
Planet - Venus
Quality - Fixed
Birth Tree – Hawthorn

The Tiger Spirit

The Tiger holds an innate elegant power. In tune with his surroundings his observant gaze misses little. Nimble and adapt at remaining unseen most will not recognise those guided by this spirit until the tiger decides to make an appearance. He possesses patience and intelligence and if he chooses can easily pass through the world unnoticed. Nonetheless, when he decides to act it is often with a sudden and astonishing ferocity that will surprise those in his vicinity.

With the strength, energy and the potential to achieve, the tiger spirit is endowed with the confidence to tackle obstacles and the aptitude to harness developing opportunities. However, the tiger is also strongly bound to his environment and sensitive to the negative impact of a damaged habitat. He requires, space, freedom and a heathy ecology to thrive. Mind spirit and body needs to be balanced at which point the tiger becomes an unstoppable force of nature. A contrasting spirit of both light and dark, full of unexpected surprises.


Taurus is represented and symbolised by the environment and plants within the painting supporting and enriching the setting.

Smart, trustworthy and dedicated, Taurus is the most dependable sign of the Zodiac. Honest and open the celestial bull makes a loyal friend, colleague, and partner.

The stalwart Earth sign Taurus revels in the senses and sensuality. The pleasures of the material realm beckon and the fruits of hard labour allow him to indulge in pleasing and comfortable surroundings which imparts soothing contentment.

A sensitive and affable companion, Taurus enjoys good food, good entertainment and good company. He is a conscientious and deeply caring individual to whom love, family and domestic bliss are paramount. A happy hearth and home will enrich a Taurus’s life and he will seek and once found, defend his family with every ounce of his being.

The Taurus heart is also driven to produce and create, drawn to artistry in many forms his imagination is briming with ideas and inventiveness. His enthusiasm is undimmable, yet he cannot be rushed. At a steady pace, he will follow his path with unwavering dedication to reach his chosen goal. The sheer strength of his determination one set, makes this uncompromising bull unstoppable.


Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. This indominable element of nature is represented by the two pillars of rocks framing the picture and the solid rock beneath the Tiger’s feet.

Earth is a practical and solid element offering a secure foundation to build upon, while the towering rocks offer an unassailable and immovable wall of protection. From here the Tiger occupies a strong position for advancement and a refuge to fall back upon when assailed by the difficulties of an uncertain world.


Hawthorn is a tree of May. The auspice of Hawthorn promotes good relationships and a happy marriage. The spring is celebrated through this tree and its energy, full of love, vigour and new beginnings.

The intelligent people born to Hawthorn are wildly creative and passionate, with a sociable and inherently curious nature. They possess a wonderful sense of humour that appreciates both irony and silliness. They are also patient listeners and put other at their ease creating an atmosphere of happy contentment around them.

Nevertheless, Hawthorn possess thorns and those who approach it without enough care or respect will receive a pricky and unwelcome surprise. This is not a tree to be taken for granted and its barbs can penetrate deeply. For this reason, it is also a tree that offers protection from the storm, betrayal and dishonesty.

Myrtle Tree

The Myrtle is sacred to Venus and was long considered a particularly potent aphrodisiac. It inspires love, fidelity and devotion. A symbol of pure and honey sweet feelings freely given and received.

As a ward within the home, influential Myrtle promotes love, good luck, and prosperity. The gifts of harmony and happiness are bestowed to those living where Myrtles resides.


Residing under the auspice of Taurus the magical foxglove keeps evil at bay. It is beautiful yet perilous, and can be deadly if approached with ill intent. Beloved of the fey those with a foxglove ward are protected from negative influences and spiritual harm.

Foxglove magic also has the power to regalvanise and stimulate the heart. Foxglove symbolises magic, intuition, and creativity, enhancing Taurus’s imagination and artistry, strengthening both the spirit and productivity of the celestial bull.


The Reed’s blessing offers shelter and warmth to hearth and home. Driving away negative influence and clearing the way for a fresh start.

The reed bequeaths strength and adaptability. Its sturdy roots enable it to bend and weather the storm rather than break. Reeds can thrive in many conditions which others would find stifling.

This plant also straddles the worlds of the physical and the fluid spiritual realm where its roots run deep. Heed the reed’s song and listen to your intuition. The reed touches the world on many invisible levels offering elusive insights to unseen paths.


Rosemary is a masculine plant and holds associations with Taurus and its ruling planet Venus. It is also strongly associated with Mars who is Venus’s lover.

From Mars comes the vigour and fire that gives energy to its powerful purification properties. It cleanses and guards against the evil eye and against those with ill intent.

From Venus comes the joys of love and marriage, with loyalty and devotion. Remembrance, of love and loved ones flows with its contemplative scent.

Rosemary’s magic is also strong for divination and dreams, shielding those who sleep under its protection, warding against nightmares and unwanted night time visitations.


This fragrant plant resides under Taurus and Venus. It is a herb that promotes harmony and opens the heart to the tender embrace of love, in all its many forms. Those under its influence find balance and understanding, happiness and contentment within their lives.


This delicate and modest little plant holds the favour of Venus. The ever-watchful violet upholds virtuousness within its vicinity. Heartfelt affections for friends and family are true and pure. Love is unwavering and unbreakable where the Violet hold sway.


The hornet is a powerful ward. These unassuming little creatures have a particularly vicious sting. They appear unexpectedly as if everywhere at once and are nigh on impossible to defeat, leaving retreat the only option. Their ferocious nature ensuring the rapid departure of those who would do harm.
In addition to their impressive charm of protection, hornets also inspire productivity, growth and success. Their support with personal and work endeavours is always a welcome boost with their presence.


The butterfly symbolises the cycles of nature and the soul on its ever-unfolding journey of growth and change throughout life and onwards into the unknown. This fragile spiritual path is not always easy, but staying true to one’s heart will ultimately bring peace and serenity through life’s many lessons. Time and change cannot be escaped but when the transformative butterfly emerges it reveals the beauty and possibilities of the way ahead.


The gilded sunlight bathes the Tiger in shimmering rays of light. The golden sun bringing wealth, prosperity and happiness, its radiance illuminating the way and warming the soul. The goddess Fortuna’s grace is ever present in the glowing luminosity of the gold imparting luck and good fortune to those under her auspice.

All these symbols, representations and images are brought together to form a symbolic portrait and a talisman for a charmed and happy future.