Original Artwork

Graphite & Pastel on pastelmat paper

210 mm x 297 mm


From the forests and highlands
We come, we come;
From the river-girt islands,
Where loud waves are dumb
Listening to my sweet pipings.
The wind in the reeds and the rushes,
The bees on the bells of thyme,
The birds on the myrtle bushes,
The cicale above in the lime,
And the lizards below in the grass,
Were as silent as ever old Tmolus was,
Listening to my sweet pipings.

Liquid Peneus was flowing,
And all dark Tempe lay
In Pelion's shadow, outgrowing
The light of the dying day,
Speeded by my sweet pipings.
The Sileni, and Sylvans, and Fauns,
And the Nymphs of the woods and the waves,
To the edge of the moist river-lawns,
And the brink of the dewy caves,
And all that did then attend and follow,
Were silent with love, as you now, Apollo,
With envy of my sweet pipings.

I sang of the dancing stars,
I sang of the daedal Earth,
And of Heaven, and the giant wars,
And Love, and Death, and Birth—
And then I chang'd my pipings,
Singing how down the vale of Maenalus
I pursu'd a maiden and clasp'd a reed.
Gods and men, we are all deluded thus!
It breaks in our bosom and then we bleed.
All wept, as I think both ye now would,
If envy or age had not frozen your blood,
At the sorrow of my sweet pipings.



The Horned god is known by many names, Pan, Cernunnos and Herne, and he takes many forms. He is natures virile consort and holds dominion over the temporal world. He is the personification of male as nature is female and together they ignite creation itself.

The god’s realm is the mortal world, life and death are his purview, he protects, provides and enforces nature's laws. Those who transgress will know the torment of tooth and claw as they are brought to account by The Wild Hunt. He can be fearsome and terrible, and relentless in his wrath. Yet, he will shield and guide those who hear his voice with ancient wisdom and care until the cycle of life reaches its conclusion, where he waits with death's outstretched hand to lead the soul beyond his temporal realm.

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