Camellia Design

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Original Artwork

Pastels on Pastel Paper & 13ct Gold Gilding

210 mm x 279 mm


This portrait depicts a bright and bubbly little girl, full of cheerful fun and giggles. Her infectious smile and laughter brightness the day where ever she is.

The picture's design incorporates many astrological and symbolic references, which alludes to the little girl’s unwritten future.


The sun in Aquarius

An Aquarius girl lives in a world of visionary concepts and ideals. She replenishes the world around her we selfless dedication. Progressive and intelligent Aquarius is always striving through the dizzying heights of inspired thoughts and will confront any challenge with a keen aloofness that is unwavering in its convictions. Endlessly, creative with a mind that can diverge on a tangent, this Aquarius girl can arrive in the most unexpected places.

Ruling Planet Jupiter

This powerful planet awakens the world to the truth and holds the power to change. Freedom and a yearning for transformation brings Uranus into the fore when championing principles.

Air Sign

Air is of the mind and a clever thinker full of abstract reasoning that offers fresh perspective. Invigorating the world like a summer breeze, Air loves to analyse, synthesise and probe discovering new possibilities and solutions to old problems.

The moon in Virgo

The moon signifies internal emotions and character. Virgo likes control and routine, through a secure and orderly home and life. Obsessive at times, a need for a perfected life can leave her a little self-critical. Nevertheless, it also builds a solid foundation that enable her to flourish in the reality of a harsh world. Confident that her home life is an unshakable sanctuary, she is able to withstand the most turbulent storm.

Year of the Sheep

Polite and calm, those born in the Chinese year of Sheep have an innate propensity that promotes harmony. With a quiet determination they achieve their goals through communication and social abilities, this coupled with dependable reliability make them eminently likable.

Rowan Tree

The rowan tree is of the mind and can be associated with Aquarius. The rowan is a keen-minded visionary, with an insightful understanding of life’s mysteries. The quiet power of the rowan is treasured and this tree has the power to protect, heal and transform. Providing a spiritual connection to the natural world.


This beautiful flower belongs to Aquarius. With a simple grace the flower offers love, beauty and strength. This flower’s characteristics also resonates with this birth sign’s sense of loyalty and conviction.


Treasured throughout history, these small unassuming yet tantalising treasures said to symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. Peals are also a powerful talisman to ward and keep a child safe.

The Book

This little girl’s story has yet to be written, but the future looks bright, full of positive influences and bright possibilities just waiting to be discovered.