Camellia Design

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Original Artwork

Oils on Wood

150 mm x 200 mm


This is the first of two sisters, wrapped in simple white cloth that represents the tapestry of life made from the threads and themes interwoven behind her.

Birthday December 2nd 2001

Interwoven in the background are seeds and leaves from the girl's birth tree speckled with pearls and small square plaques that contain symbols and associations. These threads join with the draping fabric of life. The fabric of a person’s life is continually being woven creating new and unique patterns.

Birth Tree - 12th December to 21st December – Hornbeam Tree - Guardianship

The hornbeam is a guardian and will offer protection to those associated with it and imparts moral fortitude with strong ethics. This tree is associated with Heimdall of Norse mythology, who defended the rainbow bridge that led to Valhalla and was the watchman of the gods. Hornbeams also guarded many groves sacred to the Celtic peoples. A reserved beauty denotes those born under the hornbeam, but they will never fall to flattery as they are ruled reason and determination. Ever watchful very little escapes the notice of those gifted by the hornbeam. They will always remain fiercely loyal to their friends and those who are fortunate enough to earn their respect.


Pearls symbolise purity of heart, honesty and wisdom, they also bring good fortune.

Birth Sign – 23rd November to 21st December – Sagittarius – The Archer

The Archer is a fire sign and depicted as a centaur, a fierce and wild creature of Greek myth possessing a free spirit and keen mind. Sagittarian minds are always racing forward with vigour and enthusiasm. With a strong love of freedom, very little will slow or hinder them. However, when they focus their abundant energy towards a task or desire, they can become intense and unrelenting. If faced with a setback they respond with an outstanding success.

Fire Sign

From the element of fire a person can draw inspiration and confidence. The drive and energy is available to see any task through to its conclusion.

Planetary Sign – Jupiter

Jupiter is the ruler of the Gods, and governs Sagittarius. His realm is Law, honour and morality. He bestows good fortune on those under his influence and encourages the growth of mind and spirit through the acquisition of knowledge and its practical application. Finding direction and purpose is essential for those under Jupiter’s rule, and for those who channel their energies, boundless reach and possibilities awaits.


The Eagle is a symbol of Jupiter also known as Zeus in Greek mythology. The Eagle symbolises nobility, leadership and foresight. The eagle will bestow achievement.

Birth Flower - December – Narcissus or Jonquil

Narcissus brings beauty and the variety that flowers before the New Year brings luck for the coming twelve months. Love, beauty and luck are the gifts of the Narcissus flower.

Birth Flower – December – Holly

For thousands of years the holly has embodied power for many cultures. It is the symbol of the holly king and governs the winter. It offers formidable protection against the ill intent of others and will protect those under its care and their home.

Cloth of Gold Crocus

The crocus represents youthful mirth and a cheerful heart, bestowing the joys that accompany it. However, the Cloth of gold confers a special gift to those with a love of animals, the ability to understand all creatures and an innate affinity with them.


There is an English term “shrinking violet” that refers to a shy flower. This delicate purple beauty hides on the end of slender stems within the shade of their heart shaped leaves. The ever watchful violet is pure of heart and faithful and their delicate beauty is accompanied by reserved modesty.

Chinese Zodiac - Metal Snake – 24th January 2001 to 11th February 2002

Snakes are not people who can be easily ignored. They possess a strong charismatic presence and charm. Snakes are wise, philosophical, calm, and understanding.

The influence of the Metal element gives the Snake an unstoppable drive. Nothing will divert this Snake from a goal and failure is not in the Metal snake’s vocabulary.


The love of horses is shared by many cultures worldwide. Its symbolism is full of vigour and strength. Life is seized with fervour when the horse is with you.


The Greek goddess Artemis rules the moon and is the protector of children and young women. She offers light in the dark and is a formidable guardian. As the goddess of the hunt there is little that can escape Artemis.


The owl is representative of perceptive and reflective wisdom. The Greek goddess Athena could appear as an Owl. She bestows the gifts of enlightenment and learning on those she favours.

Turquoise Earrings

Turquoise is the birthstone of December and is associated with prosperity, success, happiness and good fortune. Turquoise enhances open speech, creativity and serenity.

`If cold December gave you birth

The month of snow and ice and mirth

Place on your hand a turquoise blue

Success will bless whate'er you do.`