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Original Artwork

Pen & Ink, coloured pencil on Toned Board

420 mm x 594 mm


The ‘Sepia Rabbit’ focuses on a warm spirited rabbit, who with a generous heart brings good fortune and prosperity to those in his vicinity.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 26th November
Birth sign – Sagittarius
Element – Fire
Quality - Mutable
Druid & Celtic Birth Tree – Walnut and Elder


Sagittarius is represented by the zodiac symbol ♐︎ carved into the mound beneath the rabbit.

This fiery archer possesses a generous and gregarious spirit. Bounding with unquenchable curiosity he is an inherent explorer with a wandering soul, on a lifelong voyage filled with new discoveries, experiences and knowledge. Concepts and philosophy occupy much of his inner workings and altruistic high ideals shape much of his world perception, though he may at times become disillusioned by the realities of a world that fails live up to his optimistic idealism. However, these moments of disappointment are short lived as he is a mutable sign and therefore eminently adaptable. An unstoppable enthusiasm accompanied by a witty sense of pragmatism always sees him through, his burning light undimmed.

Many find this warm and bright disposition appealing and Sagittarians are well regarded and liked by their peers. He is lively and playful with those close to him and he makes an estimable friend. However, there is a fierce side to this affable archer, when provoked his brutal honesty can be devastating and his well-aimed words will cut deep, always hitting their intended mark. Any attempt to constrain this free spirit will always be fiercely contested and will ultimately fail. He is a centaur and freedom of mind and spirit is a defining characteristic of this zodiac sign.


Jupiter is represented by the symbol ♃ next to Sagittarius.

The masculine ruling planet Jupiter re-enforces ethical traits for this profound thinking Sagittarian. A deeply engrained sense of decency and ethics are at his core. Learning and growth expands under the planets masterful influence and prosperity is promoted with an abundance of positives energy.

Fire and The Sun

Sagittarius is a fire sign and the sunlight is a symbol of that elemental fire. Glistening through the trees it permeates the environment exuding energy with an innate charisma and appeal.

Dynamic and enthusiastic inspiration abounds under fire’s influence and the sparks of impulsiveness are thrilling. Though this often needs tempering with caution, less the fire burns out of control. Yet, in moderation it is without compare, supplying warmth, nourishment and security to all in its vicinity.

The Rabbit Spirit

The rabbit is a potent symbol of luck and prosperity. This shy and modest spirit is often overlooked, yet these sharp witted and intelligent individuals are a powerhouse of creativity. They are uncomfortable in the spotlight, and would rather wait, watch and consider in unassuming anonymity before making their move. Yet, when they choose to take action, it is with startling speed and often appears in unexpected forms, shocking their complacent fellows. This is because Rabbits are intrinsically, tricksters and anyone attempting to pin one down will quickly discover that it is nigh on impossible. They Possess an intuitive understanding of people and a deep awareness of the world they inhabit; a rabbit is not easily fooled or deceived. Yet, when they put their devious minds to it, they can easily run rings around their opponents, garnering great enjoyment in the process. Anyone who comes close to a rabbit will soon discover a wicked sense of humour and playfulness.

Hearth and home are essential to a rabbit’s wellbeing. Loyalty and devotion, given and received, are intrinsic qualities that underpin a rabbit spirits existence. Faith, love, and commitment are freely bestowed to family and those they care for. Naturally sociable and affectionate rabbits make exemplary friends with a gentle cheerful disposition. They openly trust those close to them, which can lead to deep sadness and melancholy if that trust is betrayed. A happy rabbit is surrounded by both friend and family who openly share their love and appreciation for each other. A lone solitary rabbit does not fare well.

Rabbits are also positive omens. Their sensitive intuitive natures and instincts are linked to the heavens, they are able to hear and sense what others cannot and bare those tidings to the world. When they have something to say it is wise to pay close attention, they perceive more than other mortal creatures. The rabbit is the herald that brings news and good fortune to those around them.

Walnut Tree

Those born under the walnut auspice possess an inborn resilience and endurance enabling them to withstand adversity better than most. However, an immense strength of will and stamina comes with a price and the walnut must learn flexibility. A tree that does not bend will ultimately break and unyielding stubbornness is a characteristic that requires tempering throughout life to enable true and strong growth.

Wisdom is a core trait belonging to this tree. Walnut people possess a sharp intellect that when applied make them excellent problem solvers. Planning and forethought are the key to success for these individuals. This is an internal process and the calculated decision making is rarely shared with others. Unexpected events and surprises are unsettling to the walnut’s equilibrium, though few would realise this as their internal workings are well guarded and hidden beneath an impenetrable shell. Yet underneath this controlled exterior resides a surprisingly vulnerable centre. Walnut people put their all into pursuits and their hearts are often left bruised by the process. There is no half measure for these individuals and they live life on their own terms, rarely compromising or changing course. However, their inherent strength, will enable them to walk even the most taxing path to its conclusion.


The Elder is filled with the search for truth and insight. Those residing within this tree’s auspice have an uncanny understanding of the moods and cycles of the world around them making them deeply philosophical. Noble of both mind and spirit, kind and considerate, Elder possesses a generous soul and intuitively strives to help others.

Blessed with a fertile imagination these are intensely creative people. It can appear almost magical the way they can create something from nothing, and they show an uncanny knack of pulling a rabbit from the hat just when it is needed.

Eminently practical, Elder people can find their way past most obstacles, cleverly circumventing rather than challenging difficulties where possible. This can open up exciting new avenues and opportunities for themselves and others. Elder’s helpful hands are always willing to share the bounty.


Barley represents Jupiter’s abundance. A staple through history this grain supplied bread and liquid bread in the form of bear to many civilisations. Its presence promotes a future fuelled with joy and plenty, an enriching and fulfilling good luck charm.


Oats are also governed by Jupiter and reinforces the planets gift of abundance. There is also a musical connection with the plant, musical piped can be fashioned from the straw. Oats represents this person’s love of music, which elevates the soul with its presence.


The carnation embodies a profound personal Christian faith. The five petals of a flower traditionally represent the five wounds of Christ upon the cross. It is said that carnations sprang up from The Virgin Mary’s tears as they touched the ground when she witnessed Jesus' plight.

Milk Thistle

This plant is ruled by Jupiter and sits under the auspice of fire. The thorny plant offers a potent protective ward against negative influences. The ill intent of others in thought and deed by this prickly defender. It also dispels the sombre cloud of melancholy, soothing a troubled heart in the process.


This plant is assigned to Sagittarius. It represents an indomitable spirit lending it strength to healing. It is also a flower of joy and long-lasting happiness, with the fulfilment of dreams and wishes carried on the breeze.


Through persistence, industry and communication bees are a powerful emblem for abundance and prosperity. With a link to the divine, they may be called upon to fortify physical and spiritual energy.

All these symbols, representations and images are brought together to form a symbolic portrait and a talisman for a charmed and happy future.