Camellia Design

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Original Artwork

Pen & Ink, coloured pencil on Toned Board

420 mm x 594 mm


The symbolic portrait ‘Sepia Fox’ focuses on a light-hearted spirited vixen. Her keen eyesight is transfixed by a group of flittering fireflies who lead the way towards a bright and glowing future for their ardent vulpine follower.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations

Birthday – 22nd January

Birth sign – Aquarius

Element – Air

Quality - Fixed

Druid & Celtic Birth Tree – Elm and Rowan


Aquarius is represented by the zodiac symbol ♒ carved into the rock above the water. It is known as the water carrier embodied here by the spring that is carried from one small water basin to another.

Those born under Aquarius initially appear distant and aloof. This is a natural defence mechanism that requires their trust to be earnt before they are willing to commit and offer their friendship to another. Once obtained Aquarian friendship is steadfast and they make lively, although at times eccentric companions. This is always tempered by a need to withdraw and reflect while they renew and recharge their reserves of energy. However, the mind is never at rest.

This is a sign of the intellect and Aquarians are expert problem solvers, who without prejudice naturally sees and comprehends both sides of an argument. This leads to insightful and stimulating deliberations, that can evolve into long, convoluted and at times a little difficult to follow conclusions. Altruistic and humane, Aquarians are apt to follow their beliefs with an unwavering conviction that few can match. The fixed quality of this sign provides an unshakable strength to hold and follow through on a chosen path with seemingly limitless reserves of determination, and woe betide anyone or anything that tries to constrain or restrict them. Aquarius are natural free spirits.


Aquarius is also an Air sign. Its triangular symbol is carved into the rock above that of Aquarius.

Air brings with it the liberating world of thoughts and ideas, where intelligence and curiosity abound. When applied to the creative arts air driven people are incredibly expressive, constantly exploring and evolving. Air individuals can quickly flit and follow new ideas like a perpetually moving butterfly, leading to unexpected delights and discoveries. Tangents, abound everywhere in these energetic minds and when engaged with an inspired hand luminescent new destination can be shared with the world.

The Fox Spirit

The wily fox is famed the world over for its perceptiveness and quick wits. Playful by nature and possessing an unquenchable sense of humour, the vulpine spirit revels in the light hearted fun and games that life sends her way. This playful disposition causes many to foolishly underestimate her. Yet, she also possesses a surprisingly serious aspect to her character, illuminating a keen and intense temperament.

This spirit is an excellent guide that can swiftly circumvent obstacles and overcome all manner of difficulties. Little escapes a fox’s acute perception, alert and attentive she can easily discern deception and deceit. For a fox instinctively recognises and acknowledges the maliciousness in the hearts of certain individuals and she will vigilantly guard against all unseen threats to her and her own. Through her shrewd guidance she demonstrates the effectiveness of forethought and planning, her razor intelligence and astute intuition making her an unpredictable and dangerous foe to cross.

People with a fox as their guide have a strong ally. Ruthless and cunning, this tricky individual will guard them well while teaching adaptability and the skills needed to flourish. She will temper the hasty with patience and wise council, and offer courage and fortitude to the timid. Armed with a sharp mind and wit anything can be achieved and a cunning fox will always prevail in the face of adversity, though often it is in a very unusual manner. Underestimate a clever fox at your peril.


Fireflies are magical messengers and guides. These bright captivating little creatures represent a pure soul and light the way on its journey. This enlightened spirit has the capacity to touch the world and appreciate the wonderful possibilities that exist in life, and can transcend the mortal realm with an otherworldly quality, comprehending the infinite loveliness of universe.

The innate magic of fireflies naturally attracts luck and good fortune. Magical messages abound, offering uncanny insights and unconscious guidance, and their tiny whispers in the mind should always be heeded.

Elm Tree

The Elm characterises calm and trustworthiness. Possessed of a natural optimism an elm individual will always look for the good in people and the positive in circumstances. Their cheerful disposition is accompanied by a wonderful sense of humour, a blessing that can lighten and diffuse difficult situations.

The loyal and idealistic elm is steadfastly devoted to friends and family. They are always striving to do their best by others and when the going gets tough their help is invaluable, possessing wonderful organisational skills and an intuitive foresight that prepares them for most occurrences. Morality and altruism are at the core of the elm character which is undeniably admirable, though it can appear a little naive to others and they need to guard against those who would take advantage of it.

​Cats also make the ideal pet for this person as they have a natural affinity for each other and the cat spirit will always defend an elm.


This Celtic fruit bearing tree also falls under the auspice of Aquarius. The rowan is a potent symbol of life and procreation. Inspiration and creativity come naturally to the rowan and much like an unrelenting spring it is constantly flowing with fresh new ideas.

Rowan is also powerful ward and conduit, connecting the mortal realms with the unseen. Magical inspiration and portent abound under its authority, while its formidable magical protection wards against bad luck and negative influences. Rowen people have the uncanny knack of sensing events before they happen or instinctively know which path is to be avoided or pursued.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel resides under the astrological power of Aquarius. This compelling tree offers balance through a clear-sighted assessment and exploration on one’s own psyche and inner landscape. By means of careful self-evaluation it cleanses the body and soul of negativity and insecurity.

It is also heavily imbued with magical energy and opens a connection between the balanced soul and the spirit world. Psychic and astral endeavours are safeguarded and fortified by its formidable protective presence.


The beautiful foxglove is both wonderous and deadly. It heals and reenergises, boosting a tiered soul’s confidence. Nevertheless, it is also a flower beloved and protected by the fey, so woe betide any who dares to pick it with ill intent. The Fey guard those under the foxglove’s warding and retribution is swift and exacting against any who would do injury to their charges.


Governed by Aquarius Valerian induces peace and calm with its presence. Enabling those under its guidance to grow strong with increased vitality and improved good health.

Calla Lily

The Calla Lily is a magnificent beauty associated with Aquarius. It symbolises faith and purity in its simplest form. The rebirth and resurrection of a youthful spirit is eternal under its influence. Light of heart and full of delight this flower imparts abounding joy and happiness through virtue and wholesomeness.

Sea Holly

Sea Holly also belongs to Aquarius. This striking and prickly plant has a long association with faith and fidelity between partners. Through its pacifying persuasion, quarrels end and peace ensues with a contented understanding achieved for all. This nurturing plant will always protect and guide, and those who travel are always steered safely back home to their loved ones.