Camellia Design





Original Artwork

Pastel on textured board

297 mm x 420 mm

"The god [i.e. the oracle of Delphoi (Delphi)] told them [the Athenians] to give Minos [king of Krete (Crete)] whatever retribution he should chose . . . He ordered them to send seven young men and seven girls, unarmed, to be served as food to the Minotauros (Minotaur). The Minotauros was kept in a labyrinth, from which there was no escape after one entered, for it closed off its imperceivable exit with convoluted flexions. It had been constructed by Daidalos (Daedalus)."

PSEUDO-APOLLODORUS, Bibliotheca 3. 213


In the dark labyrinth an abomination waits.

The mythical Minotaur is a creature of nightmares pulled from ancient legend, a monstrous hybrid of man and bull. Colossal in his proportions and strength, this frenzied beast was crazed with lust for slaughter and human flesh. King Minos of Crete, hid this cursed creature within an endless labyrinth beneath his city, and every seven years demanded that his defeated rivals the Athenians send tribute to him in the form of their sons and daughters. The supplicants were subsequently cast into the infamous maze to feed the monster’s insatiable hunger and thereby save their city.

This image was constructed with design and illustration in mind.

Minotaur proportions - In this depiction the minotaur gazes from of the darkness of the maze, there is nothing beyond him and no hope of escape. He fills the page, trapping the viewer in the page and labyrinth with him.

Wild glare - His insanity is captured with crazed bull eyes and lips drawling in anticipation of his consuming violence.

Red – This colour is everywhere, it is the colour of blood and sacrifice. It is also a colour used extensively in Minoan architecture.

Minoan pillar – The Minotaur is ripping down a Minoan pillar destroying all traces of civilisation that crosses his path. He is an anathema, society means nothing to a creature that craves human flesh.

Nakedness - With no remorse his savagery is laid bare, he stands naked and without the trappings of man or civilisation. A remorseless wild beast that lurks within the depths of darkness and the hearts of men.