Camellia Design

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Original Artwork

Pastels on Pastelmat Paper

297 mm x 420 mm


This allegory celebrates the coming together of two beautiful spirits.

The Hair and Dragonfly spring from very different elements, yet they are captivated by each other. The hare leaps with joyful energy towards the brightly coloured Dragonfly who darts playfully, before finally coming to rest and joining her companion. In this arcadian meadow it is perpetual summer and the two souls frolic blissfully under the eternal rays of a radiant sun.

Astrological and Esoteric Associations


Birthday – 2nd March

Birth sign – Pisces

Element – Water

Quality – Mutable



Birthday – 8th December

Birth sign – Sagittarius

Element – Fire

Quality – Mutable

Sagittarius & Pisces

♐ & ♓ Sagittarius & Pisces live in a world filled with dreams and fulfilled wishes constructed solely by themselves. Sagittarius is the quintessential idealist and Pieces the perpetual dreamer, and what they achieve together verges on the extraordinary, crazy and mad cap at times, but beautiful to behold.

Water & Fire, necessitates the union of opposites which can be fraught with difficulties. Nevertheless, by recognising the strength and necessity of compromise, these two can have it all. Fire brings with it a force of will and the energy to make things happen and importantly to get things done. While Water offers empathy and a soothing balm for life’s difficulties, washing away the hurt and leaving calmer tranquil waters. When these two elements work in harmony, they are truly formidable. This is made easier for Sagittarius and Pisces as they are both mutable signs, lending them adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Hare Spirit

The speed and agility of the Hare is celebrated throughout the world. The hare spirit is quick of mind and resourceful, not much escapes her diligent gaze and she is quick to act on any perceived threats. However, the quick-witted hare also possesses a mischievous side that may be missed by the unobservant. This makes her a tricky opponent for those foolish enough to cross her. Conversely, this ability to find amusement in people and situations makes her an entertaining companion, so long as the companion can keep up with her sharp intellect and perceptive nature.

The moon is also closely associated with the hare and consequently this spirit is sensitive to the vibrations of the psychic world. The hare often demonstrates an otherworldly sense of what is about to happen before others are aware of it. Instinct is an important survival mechanism and if the hare expresses an odd feeling about something, people should pay close attention.

The Dragonfly Spirit

The Dragonfly spirit is first and foremost adaptable. This remarkable individual has the ability to traverse worlds and fluctuating environments effortlessly, transforming and growing in the process. During her mutable journey the curious dragonfly acquires an innate understanding of the natural world and her surroundings. This offers a clarity to life that few can match and she is quick to see through illusion and deceit with perceptive eyes that are seldom misled. This ability to recognise and avoid misfortune means she is rarely snared or held down by events, and the Dragonfly’s agility and quick reactions, permit her to soar where many would fall.

The mortal world often overlooks the energetic Dragonfly, who sparkles with an incandescent joy and passion for life. However, her bright passage captivates the fey world and she is a favoured companion for its magical inhabitants. Her own deep-seated understanding of nature puts her in harmony with its inhabitants on an intrinsic level, both animal and magical alike.


The scene is set beneath the vivid gaze of the Sun, who imparts strength and good fortune on the Hare and Dragonfly. Under his watchful gaze, these bright spirits can realise the potential of their true natures and achieve their goals.


The Marigold is a flower of Sagittarius positioned next to its astrological symbol. This intense bloom represents the courage of Sagittarius and the burning passion that touches the core of this resolute fire sign. Its presence bestows good fortune on both the dragonfly and hare.


The Lilies represent Pisces and sit above its astrological symbol. The renowned lily is a blossom of unadulterated devotion and symbolises the otherworldly beauty that is present within the soul of Pisces. The pure of heart lily presides over the realm of love and imparts its blessing on these two connected spirits.


The water reeds cleanse the path for the two companions throughout their journey. This lithe plant offers flexibility, providing an unhindered passage that delivers harmony through discourse. Under the reeds watchful auspice genuine friendship will flourish.


The evergreen Ivy represents an eternal bond of love and friendship. The durable rock bears the two astrological symbols. The vigorous ivy coils and weaves to span the gap separating them, symbolising the unbreakable union and fidelity of the two faithful hearts.

Wild Rose

This iconic flower belongs to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. This exquisite blossom holds the promise of a fulfilled heart and encompasses all that comes with it. Unity with understanding, devotion with fidelity and finally true love in its purest form. The rose bestows it all.

The Hare and Dragonfly share a world charmed and blessed by all within this image.