Original Artwork

Pastels & Gouache on Pastel Paper

290 mm x 380 mm

'the owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk’



Athene is the Greek Owl of Athena or the equivalent Roman owl of Minerva and a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

This work represents Athena incorporating clearly recognisable elements in the composition:

Αθηνά – This is the Greek word for Athena the goddess.

The Little Owl, Athena Noctua - The genus name Athene refers to a group of small owls with brown and white speckles, large golden eyes and distinctive pale eyebrow. Athene noctua, the little owl is closely associated with the Ancient Greek goddess Athena.

Athena - Athena also known as Athene was a major Greek goddess renowned for her inspiring wisdom and courage, a famed virgin goddess with a sharp intelligence and honed skills. She oversaw many aspects of the civilized world, law, justice, strategy, arts, crafts and strategic warfare. In times of strife she was often seen as the female counterpart for Ares the Greek god of war, armed with her spear and aegis Athena fearlessly joined battle using her martial knowledge and keen intellect to outwit her enemies and secure victory.

Olives – In Greek mythology the first olive tree was given to the people of Athens by Athena winning her the city. A staple in the Mediterranean diet olives symbolises peace and prosperity, it also brings hope. After the destruction of ancient Athens by the Persian King Xerxes in the V century BC Athena’s scorched olive tree started to grow again symbolising the resurrection of the city.

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