As an artist, I believe that everyone has an innate quality and faultless beauty that is waiting to be revealed. My aim with a portrait is to create an image that reflects us at our best, on a perfect day in that perfect light which depicts our character flawlessly. I see a portrait as being so much more than a photographic representation, I look for the simple unspoiled beauty that exists within us all.    

VULPA, artist


My starting point is always colour. I block in simple shapes using basic hues and tones. This allows me to judge the balance between the light and dark areas of my picture and provides me with an initial colour foundation to work upon.


The next stage involves the arrangement of the facial features​. There is no thought of detail yet just the general placement of the eyes nose and lips and their relative position to each other, I also start to add richer shades to the skin.


I now start to concentrate on the primary focus points, which are the eyes, nose and mouth. I begin to apply accurate definitions in these areas, I also start to add a range of finer tones and layers to the skin.


I proceed to refine my picture. I blend the skin tones and add more details to emphasis my primary focus points. I also start to apply detail and definition to my secondary focus points the ears and hair line.


I now polish my picture. Depth is my focus at this point and I start to build up semi-transparent layers adding luminosity to the skin, the same way I would use g​lazes in an oil painting. The focal areas are also refined with subtle alterations to shade and the highlights.


The final stage is to add the finishing touches. Eyebrows and eyelashes are delineated. Colour flourishes and highlights are applied to the skin to enhance its richness and the contours of the subject are smoothed and refined.

When I am finally satisfied I add my signature to the portrait.

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