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Intellectual Property and Copyright

The following document lays out our intellectual rights when accessing or using our services which include but are not limited to, any work that is produced by Camellia Design or any contact or communication via email, phone, etc. If at any point you disagree with any of these terms, you may stop using our services, otherwise it is assumed your use means you have agreed these terms of service.

All content on or published by or by Camellia Design, staff and affiliates is subject to copyright unless otherwise indicated by the presence of a Creative Commons or Public Domain license.

Should you wish to use content created by Camellia Design, you will need to contact us and obtain permission. Camellia designs reserves the right to refuse permission at any time.

Those who place commissions through Camellia Design will be allowed to publicly display their commissions for personal purposes only and must reference artists. Artists retain copyright to the work they create, so they may use it in their portfolio and for other purposes including prints.

If you would like to publicly display an altered version of your commission, gain exclusive rights to the work, or use it for commercial purposes, please contact us on or alternatively phone: 07599 221 224.

However, we are part of a community and we do encourage social media interaction. In these circumstance we are happy for our work to be shared for personal and not commercial purposes, with the provision that the correct accreditation is given.

We encourage developing artists and art lovers alike, these rights are simply here to protect our work and guarantee it is used properly. We are here to help and we are happy to accommodate any reasonable request, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries. 


We do not apply NFT's to any of our artwork, nor do we give permission for NFT's to be applied to any of our artwork or images.

We retain the copyright to all of our images regardless of any NFT application.